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Can YOU or your family, afford
to be without your regular income,
because you are sick or disabled?

Scary! Isn't it - to be without income - Disability Life Insurance Brochure
unable to pay the rent or mortgage, feed your family or yourself, keep your house warm, pay your bills.

Can you afford to go 1 month without any income? Two months? Longer? Who's paying the bills; your investments or your spouse? Who to turn to for help?

Get a short term or long term disability insurance quote that guarantees your income will continue. Protection is affordable.

It only takes 30 seconds to discover just how much money you could save by finding the BEST and CHEAPEST company.


Ivon T. Hughes
Ivon T. Hughes
My name is Ivon T. Hughes and for the past 30 years I have been helping people just like you to choose a disability insurance quote that is the BEST and CHEAPEST for themselves and their families.

There are 4 main reasons to get a disability insurance quote to protect your income:

1. You need to guarantee your income will continue.

2. If you are sick or injured, who will pay the bills?

3. Your income provides you with your lifestyle. What will happen if you can't earn?

4. You are far more likely to be disabled than die. If you die, your family receives the proceeds of your life insurance. But if you are disabled without income, you provide nothing and become a liability.


"As an independent working woman, I realized in June 2003 that I better get a guarantee that my income would continue if I became disabled. I contacted Ivon who shopped the market (I have enough of my own shopping to do) for the best disability insurance quote and who got me a great policy at a great price. Now I know I have tax free income and if you, the reader, are not protecting your most valuable asset, your income, you should do something about it."

Margot Daley - Ontario

Getting a disability insurance quote from all the companies is strictly, no obligation. But until you see the quotes, you won't know for sure what it will cost to protect your income.

You can choose either the Income or the Needs method to decide how much income you need to protect. Ask for a quote to find out which is best for you.


Getting your quote now will put your mind at ease and protect your spouse and children.

Don't know quite what you need? Your situation may be unique. With 30 years of experience, I can put it all together for you. Call me toll free at 1-877-842-3863 or email me at info@hughestrustco.com.

You shop for a car, don't you? Why not ask for a disability insurance quote now?

Ivon T. Hughes

PS: If you want to find out the advantages of disability insurance, download the free brochure now to bring you up to date on the benefits.

Disability Life Insurance Brochure
Protect Your Most
Valuable Asset


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"For some time I had been looking for a good broker to guide me through the jungle of life insurance and most particularily, a disability insurance quote.Somehow I landed on Ivon's site, uncertain of what questions to ask and what was involved. Ivon supplied various types of disability insurance quotes from different companies until we agreed on the type of policy I needed.Now that I have a monthly income secure, and tax-free too, I do not have to be concerned if I become unable to work.I fully recommend his services."

T.W. - Ontario


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